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High shipping costs - Peter Gamma - 01-29-2021

I sold my PinePhone because of high shipping costs to Switzerland through DHL, 30 USD, long shipping time of about one month, high import taxes of about 30 USD. I m interested on the long term in Linux phones, and need several of these devices. I decided for another phone, and sold my PinePhone on ebay.

Someone from northern Italy needed quickly a PinePhone, he said it was for a youtube review. I sent it the fastest way through Swiss post, which is estimated a week. After two weeks It did not arrive. The post office they said they had problems which Corona in Italy, I should wait for one or two weeks more.

Now, three weeks are gone, and the tracking number says it is in Milano now. Shipping was by train. Zurich Milano is about four hours by train.

I decided against the PinePhone because of the high shipping costs, the long shipping time, and the high import taxes. There are other products available on the market which do not have these problems.

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - Tharadash - 01-29-2021

Hi Peter

As a swiss resident myself, I do not see why the problems you had are inherently connected to the pinephone as a product.

IMHO this just reflects the status of the pandemic as it is and believe it is rather unfair to blame it upon the pinephone.

Kind regards


RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - Peter Gamma - 01-29-2021

The nightmare is for persons who need quickly a PinePhone, like the buyer in Northern Italy who bought the PinePhone from me. My offer on ebay was the fastest option to buy a PinePhone. Now, he is still waiting for his PinePhone. How long will it take from Milano to his place? After three weeks, it is not even through the duty in Italy, he has to pay import taxes in Italy, after I had to pay import taxes in Switzerland...

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - Peter Gamma - 02-04-2021

Four hours by train from Zurich to Milano. After four weeks, the PinePhone which I sent to the Italian seller is now at the custom clearance in Milano. I m for a PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch, since the Pine64 forum is helpful. And I m for a strategy of immediate shipping after ordering. This would releaf the suffering of Italian customers of the PinePhone, who want a PinePhone as fast as possible.

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - lot378 - 02-04-2021

Your buyer in Italy made their choice to buy your used Pinephone from you but it's nothing to do with us/community or Pine64.

Another choice they could have made was pre-order a new Pinephone, wait for it to be shipped to the EU warehouse in Poland. Then DHL shipping between Poland and Italy is two days. Italy is within the EU so no further duty or taxes to be paid - tax was already paid when the original order was made. For non-EU countries deliveries from China or Hong Kong via DHL also take only two days. PinePhones are produced in batches and are sold when the batches are available.

I hope the phone you sold to Italy does not become lost in the post you paid for insurance to cover loss right? Sadly, Italy has been stricken really hard by CV19+ so delays in their postal services are understandable no decent and understanding person would complain.

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - Peter Gamma - 02-08-2021

Corona seem to cause delays in shipping time, but the problems seem to be country specific. A PinePhone sending from Zurich to Milano takes 1 month, but a Elecom Cap Clip mouse to send from Japan to Zurich takes a week? Thats confusing.

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - Foxchild - 02-09-2021

(01-29-2021, 01:53 AM)Peter Gamma Wrote: Zurich Milano is about four hours by train.

I love Europe. Smile

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - KC9UDX - 02-09-2021

Me too. That's an awesome ride in a clean train with a well stocked barcar. I'm pretty sure that if I took a four hour train here, I might get to Chicago (1 hour drive) but really be unhappy riding.

Someday, I keep saying, someday people will regret the decision to rip out all the railroads "because they're an old fashioned eyesore". Alas, no one cares. They'd rather buy an impractical new car every three years. We have a better excuse to have trains than Europe has.

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - Peter Gamma - 02-10-2021

I love also the railways in Switzerland. Everything is very strikt, for instance at the railway stations, but everything works.

Recently I drunk a coffee at the railway station, and I took off the corona protection mask, to drink the coffee.

A police man came to me, and complained, I had to put on the corona protection mask between two swallows of coffees. If not, they would charge me a fee of 100 SFR.

Now, after five weeks, the Italian buyer sayd the PinePhone arrived at his place in Bergamo. As a teenager, I drove from Zurich to Bergamo by moped. Well, this is in contract the Italian style:

dolce far niente, how sweet it is to do nothing.

RE: Nightmare shipping of the PinePhone - neil_swann80 - 02-10-2021

I noticed whilst walking the other day with the PinePhone in my back pocket that I appeared to be walking more slowly. Do you think the Pinephone was interfering with my boots?