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microsoft teams install problem - jip - 01-26-2021

hai  i am Jip ,  not very handy with computers, but do not want to support the big companys that make the rules.  I feel a little lost here with my computer and do not know who to ask for help.  i try to install teams from microsoft for my kids school lessons...   but i fail somehow.  i installed  snapd and restarted after that i tried the command
sudo snap install teams-insider  
on terminal   but  it will not accept the command....
earlier it accepted the command, but i could not type my password.
what do i do wrong? Huh

RE: microsoft teams install problem - tophneal - 01-26-2021

the real issue you're having is that snap package only supports AMD64, not ARM64:

Your best bet is likely to use a chromium-based browser and use Teams through that. Honestly, having to use teams on multiple platforms, this is the way to go, to avoid Teams' very terrible custom/annoying notifications and make use of the system-wide notification system.

You could try this version made for RPi: but it's supported architures only include armhf and amd64, so some work may be required to get it working well on the PBP, without the need to install armhf libraries. the devs offer an arm64 deb file you should be able to use:

for anyone else using arch/manjaro, this is also available in the aur:

RE: microsoft teams install problem - Tazdevl - 02-17-2021 but no ARM Sad

RE: microsoft teams install problem - pagesix1536 - 02-17-2021

I'm shocked they have Teams at ALL for Linux. I've been using it on my laptop (Dell) with Pop_OS for the past year. It's been... Ok I guess. It's still missing a lot of features that the Windows/Mac clients have.