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Trackpad Adjustments for Xorg - ReleaseTheGeese - 01-24-2021


I was wondering if anyone has successfully adjusted the trackpad acceleration? The pointer moves a bit too slow for my liking.

A command exists for the synclient on Linux: But that's a different driver on a different OS, of course.

A quick look at sysctl didn't bring up anything that looked to do with the trackpad.

I'd appreciate any help.


RE: Trackpad Adjustments for Xorg - KC9UDX - 01-24-2021

Yes, but I usually use KDE (the only time I get concerned about touchpad performance).

I'm not sure what the KDE mouse settings affect. We don't have the "synaptics" driver yet. sysctl won't be involved, this is strictly Xorg functionality.

I *think* what you're looking for is xinput. I seem to recall using this in the distant past.
Running xinput gives a list of devices.
xinput list-props 2
gives promising-looking results. I don't know how to manipulate the settings but this should get you started, I think.

RE: Trackpad Adjustments for Xorg - ReleaseTheGeese - 01-24-2021

Thanks again, KC9!

I first ran 'xinput' to get a list of input devices. ID 6 was assigned to <default pointer>. So I ran `xinput list-props 6` and saw that a property for Velocity Scaling exists, numbered 234. Indeed calling 'xinput set-prop 6 234 15.0` has allowed me to adjust the pointer velocity. We don't even need a 'synclient'! I will be tweaking this and dumping a suitable config in my .xinitrc.

I honestly feared it would be much harder. Hopefully this knowledge is of benefit to other newcomers.

P.S: Adjusting 'Device Accel Profile', no. 231, also helps give the pointer a boost.

RE: Trackpad Adjustments for Xorg - KC9UDX - 01-24-2021

You're welcome.

synclient pertains to the "synaptics" driver. That driver is so named because it was initially intended for Synaptics brand input devices. It is now the de facto standard for all touchpads. It is the only way I know of to get scrolling to work on our touchpads. But I see xinput reports "Button Wheel Up" etc. which makes me think there might be another way.

Changing Device Accel Constant Deceleration to 3 solves the overshoot problem, but unfortunately makes the touchpad range all but useless.