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Protonmail in geary - r7s3TgmyQv2R3z - 01-23-2021


I'm trying to add my protonmail account in the geary but so far without success.
Running the latest version of Debian:

Was one already able to do the following:
- run a protonbridge client
- add a protonmail account in geary (or any other mail app) using the config from the protonbridge

- running a mail client with a protonmail account and bypassing the protonbridge

Looking forward to get this running!

Thank you


RE: Protonmail in geary - user12345 - 03-18-2021

What protonmail bridge client did you install?

I was able to get the cli bridge working with Geary following the steps from this reddit thread...

I don't want to open the terminal on the phone and run ./proton-bridge --cli every time I want to access my email, and I've tried to get the bridge cli started and running in the background any time the phone starts up, but haven't had any luck.