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Audio over USB - 3x5co - 01-02-2021

I wouldn't have thought this was possible, but the other day I was playing my PinePhone over Bluetooth, and whenever I plugged the USB into that audio adapter, the bluetooth would cut out. When I turned off bluetooth and just played my music, then plugged in the USB, I would get a burst of noise and then silence. It seemed like it was trying to send audio over USB.

Now I have my phone connected to my computer, and I'm wondering how to send audio to my desktop. If I can get SSH over USB working again, I could probably send it this way over CLI. That's a little complicated, though — especially if there's a more direct method.

RE: Audio over USB - wibble - 01-05-2021

Have a look for any documentation you can find on gadget audio - much as you can make the phone look like a network device to the PC, you can also make it look like an audio adapter. I've not tried it on the PinePhone but it works on a Pi Zero and Pi 4. I think the PinePhone distros are using the compound gadget interface, configured through sysfs somewhere.

It might be easier to do it over the network connection with PulseAudio: