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Can't start zram - 3x5co - 12-27-2020

I followed the instructions on the Tweaks page of the Mobian wiki, to install zram. However, when I run 'sudo zramswap start' I get these responses:

Dec 27 23:28:39 mobian: Starting Zram
/usr/sbin/zramswap: line 53: echo: write error: Device or resource busy
Dec 27 23:28:39 mobian: Error: setting compression algo to lz4


How do I resolve this?

RE: Can't start zram - nas - 12-28-2020

ThisĀ guide did the trick for me.

RE: Can't start zram - 3x5co - 12-31-2020

I wish I could tell you what solved this issue, but for me, I just restarted my phone and checked zram status and it was working.