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Screen flicker with USB-C charging - bchenlee609 - 12-21-2020

Hey all,

I have been having some issues with charging my device through the USB-C port. I read through some other posts on USB-C charging and haven't come across anything that's exactly like my issue so I decided to start a new thread in the hopes that someone can shed some light on the issue.

Up until this point, I've been using a USB-C charger that came with my cell phone to charge up my device.
It's output reads 5V=2A OR 4.5V=5A OR 5V=4.5A

I recently bought a new charger for my other laptop. It's an Anker 60W rapid charger.
The output reads 5V=3A OR 9V=3A OR 15V=3A OR 20V=3A

When I plug in the Anker charger, the screen flickers and the charger indicator goes in and out as if the charger is being unplugged and plugged back in rapidly. Then the system goes into standby.

Would someone be able to explain why this is happening? I'm guessing it has something to do with the 3A output not being compatible with the PBP USB-C port? But would love some more clarity from some people with more expertise in the community. And who knows, maybe it'll help others with similar charger issues??

As a follow up question, the device is clearly not usable with the Anker charger plugged in, but will I damage my device by using the Anker charger while the device is powered off?

If there is any other info I can provide to help answer the question, please let me know.
Thanks in advance to all the Piners out there for the assistance.


RE: Screen flicker with USB-C charging - jiyong - 12-23-2020

I just tested and my PBP charges when switched off and connected to the USB-C laptop charger of my Star Lite laptop.
So I think when switched off it will only charge with 5V.
When switched on there seems to be a communication/negotiation issue between the PBP and chargers that support multiple voltages.

RE: Screen flicker with USB-C charging - appelgriebsch - 12-29-2020

If you are running on latest Manjaro that is a known issue ( You can revert to Linux-PinebookPro kernel to mitigate it at the moment.

RE: Screen flicker with USB-C charging - bchenlee609 - 12-29-2020

thanks to both of you for your replies!
I will charge with USB-C while the PBP is powered off for now.
Hopefully the new release will fix USB-C charging! Been one of the best features to be able to unify all my devices to one charger.


RE: Screen flicker with USB-C charging - DrYak - 01-03-2021

Just to confirm that after a recent kernel upgrade (I lost track when but it might be related to when the DP patch was introduced ?) I now have the exact same problem, including to the current kernel 5.10.2 :

When computer turned off:
USB-C PD charger works.

When computer turned on:
USB-C PD charger and cable: After a few seconds, the "charge icon" starts to blink (i.e.: laptop battery charger sees the cable constantly plugged in and out in quick successions) and the screen starts to blink (i.e.: power manager constantly switches brightness between "on battery" and "on charger" level).

USB-C to USB-A cable and plain USB-A "Smart Charge" port on the same charger: works normally
Barrel to USB-A cable : works normally too.

RE: Screen flicker with USB-C charging - bchenlee609 - 01-25-2021

issue fixed for me with new software updates and releases.

currently running kernel 5.10-7-1-MANJARO-ARM

USB PD works great!