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"Fake" discounts in Pine Store - Tharadash - 12-01-2020

To whom it may concern,
I've noticed in the pine store (I've only seen it on pinephone offerings so far) that there is a "discount" applied to the products.
(e.g. 2g/16g Pinephone Community price: $149.99 (Retail price: $249) )
I believe that this is not only misleading to customers (that are persuaded by a "good deal" which actually is none) but also does a massive disservice to PINE64s reputation, putting it on the same page as Wish and Aliexpress with their "discounted prices".
It's very sad seeing such bad business/marketing practices applied.
Please remove those misleading discounts immediately and clarify, why they have been put into place.
Thank you.
Quote:There already is an existing thread on this issue, however, there the OP is assuming a coming price hike.

RE: "Fake" discounts in Pine Store - bcnaz - 12-01-2020

I think it is simply a warning that the price(s) will soon be going up.

It is posted Now,  so you Cannot say later,     the "Price went up without any warning"

The phone is easily worth the higher price.

Even with a price hike, it will still be only one quarter the price of the only competitor.

RE: "Fake" discounts in Pine Store - fsflover - 12-01-2020

It is being discussed here:

RE: "Fake" discounts in Pine Store - bcnaz - 12-01-2020

I was unaware the Manjaro Edition had 'sold-out' I wish I had ordered one of those !

The KDE Edition will not be shipping until the 'New Year' That can be a long wait with the Chinese New Year.

AND the soon to be higher prices.

RE: "Fake" discounts in Pine Store - nightranger73 - 12-01-2020

You can't make a comparison with the competitor. Pinephone uses a soc released in 2014.... even a low-end android phone has better hardware and RAM. Yes, it's a good deal if you're a linux user and you like to tinker but it's not a good idea to take price comparison with the other devices

RE: "Fake" discounts in Pine Store - Tharadash - 12-01-2020

(12-01-2020, 04:42 PM)fsflover Wrote: It is being discussed here:

Thanks, I've added your link to the OP!

However, I do not believe, that prices will change soon, as PINE64 stated multiple times, that pricing will stay.
(and if prices would change, then not by this much.)

RE: "Fake" discounts in Pine Store - Tharadash - 12-03-2020

This is being explained with this blog post:

Thanks @Luke !