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Fedora 32 gcc or clang - tydeman - 11-29-2020

I installed Fedora 32 KDE Plasma today (Nov 29, 2020) from the Pine website. 
Used dnf to so some 424 updates and rebooted (so system was current).
Then tried to do:  
  dnf install gcc
  dnf install clang
Both failed due to missing kernel headers being filtered out.

I am now doing an upgrade from Fedora 32 to 33 as per
The 3172 actions are taking a while.  Once done, I will see if I can 
install either gcc or clang C compilers.

This system is running on a 64 GB uSD card.

RE: Fedora 32 gcc or clang - tydeman - 11-29-2020

The update to Fedora 33 went fine. After reboots, still can not install either gcc or clang.
Both still fail on missing kernel headers.

RE: Fedora 32 gcc or clang - belfastraven - 11-30-2020

I am not using fedora now,  but seem to remember that you need to install the kernel-devel and kernel-headers packages  It seems that now you might only need to install  kernel-devel .  See:

RE: Fedora 32 gcc or clang - tydeman - 12-15-2020

Doing the command:
dnf install --disableexcludes=all gcc clang
worked and installed the two C compilers (along with their prereqs).

I see that there are "exclude=kernel*" in /etc/yum.repos.d/* (in three files).
Why? Will I cause problems by installing the kernel headers?

RE: Fedora 32 gcc or clang - nightranger73 - 12-15-2020

Just my guess. Kernel headers should match kernel version but there's no official kernel for pbp on fedora repos.
I think the one who did the pbp img did that to prevent people installing a generic kernel.