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Calendar and syncthing - cybercow - 11-17-2020

I'd like to be able to (automatically) share my calendar using syncthing but unsurprisingly this isn't going well by just syncing the "calendar.ics" file since this resumes in file conflicts.

Now the question: is there already a solution for that?

If not:
has anyone a good overview over software(libraries) for working with .ics files?
I thought if I automatically (by cron job or on creation) write new events into a separate file
which I than sync instead of calendar.ics and get the evolution calendar server (which the calendar app seams to rely on) automatically import events of the synced file
than this would be find. Is anyone out there who knows more about all all that puzzle parts and is willing to help?


RE: Calendar and syncthing - Lousy Fisherman - 11-17-2020

Install evolution
In a CLI
scale-to-fit Evolution on
Import your calendar and contacts files into evolution.
Open the calendar and contact apps and view your data.
Warning, the app dialogs may not fully fit on your screen making them difficult (impossible) to use.