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Unable to synchronize Raid 0 NAS with OMV - keuplat - 11-10-2020

I bought the NAS kit with a RockPro64 board with two 4tb disks
I installed the Open Media Vault OS, then proceeded with the setup as described in the OMV instructions. However I cannot synchronize the disks in Raid 0. Each time the synchronization crashes at different percentage. I did a disk check to see if there were any bad sectors, but everything is OK on that side. I also noticed that the fan does not work, even though the heat of the board and the discs is rising up to 80 degrees for the CPU and 50 degrees for the disks. So I thought the board was defective.

Someone recommended me to install Android os 7.1 and surprise the fan is working fine.
So I suspect that Open Media Vault OS does not work well, on a RockPro64!

So I would like to know what are your recommendations.

The goal is to create a NAS with raid 0, then install Plex Server on this same machine.

Thank you for your help