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Make your own Manjaro image - flatulent_piney - 11-07-2020

Kde is great but I like to run something a little lighter and just happen to think Budgie is  a little better. One approach would be to use pacman to add the budgie desktop package and choose your DE (desktop environment) at login, but I would rather not have to carry around all the KDE libraries for no reason. When I searched around for how to make my own "custom spin" I found some usefull info and thought I would share it here.

Contributing-to-manjaro-arm  was just what I needed. The link lists how to make a manjaro-arm image on an x86 machine.   While there are only a few official supported DE's, I found a way to work with that by modifying the default profiles.  For the remainder of this tutorial we will assume Budgie as the DE.

Picking up from the wiki section "Getting Profiles" we find that the relevant directory is

and in this directory there are many prebuilt DE profiles (Gnome, KDE, XFCE etc).  These directories contain a list of packages that will be installed to achieve a specific DE. Budgie is based on Gnome  therefore I used the Gnome profile as a base.  I added the dependencies listed in the Arch-Wiki for Budgie-Desktop  to the Gnome config file, as well as the budgie-desktop package itself, and removed any packages I didn't want or need from the Gnome section. "Save as" to create a new profile named Budgie and then

sudo buildarmimg -d pbp -e whatever/name/you/used/at/Save as -v any/name/will/work -n

This will build your custom manjaro budgie img with all the packages that you specified in the profile that can be flashed to an SD card.  There is a slight difference in the command if you wish to install the the EMMC (that change is listed in the wiki). 

There may be a more elegant solution for this process, but so far this the the best I have come across.  If there were a similar option for ubuntu , I have ideas there as well.