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32bit Apps on Pine - djinn5150 - 05-27-2016

Anyone got any tips for running a precompiled 32 bit app in 64bit environment?  Basically I can get it to install but it does  not see the file as a exectuable.  I have a feeling I am missing some libraries or something but can't seem to get any headway.  The app in question is Repetier Server  I have been in contact with the developer and tried a few suggestions he had but no go.  Final suggestion was to run kvm but I cant imagine that would be very efficient.

RE: 32bit Apps on Pine - oldsmarracin - 08-09-2016

bump i too am highly interested in this if anyone can confirm that would be great

RE: 32bit Apps on Pine - xalius - 08-09-2016

Hi, you can run 32-bit (armhf) apps on a 64bit Debian/Ubuntu with multi-arch support. First you have to find out which libraries the binary links against, for example with ldd:

gentoo@Pine64 /usr/bin $ ldd unzip (0x0000007f7a826000) => /lib64/ (0x0000007f7a7dc000) => /lib64/ (0x0000007f7a69a000)
       /lib/ (0x0000007f7a7fc000)

Once you know what libraries are needed, you can install the armhf versions of those on your 64bit system, but you need to install all the dependencies, depending on what is required, that can be a lot for a graphical application...