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Chatty remotely - pawlinski - 10-19-2020

I would like to start Chatty remotely. I would like to handle text messages on a desktop computer.
Tried with ssh and X11Forwarding, but only starts Chatty on Pinephone, not on the computer.
Maybe via VNC? I just don't know if it's not too big a cannon Smile

RE: Chatty remotely - wibble - 10-20-2020

You could try to find out how to force it to use the X11 backend instead of the default Wayland one. This varies, usually based on toolkit, assuming it's possible at all. For Geary it works with:
GDK_BACKEND=x11 geary
I expected this to work with Chatty too, but it didn't when I tried it. You might have to look at wayland forwardong options instead.