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Live boot with persistence? - r00tn3rd - 10-18-2020

Anyone know or have tried creating a live sd with a persistence partition? I am currently running Ubuntu but have booted Mobian a few times. Mobian looks promising. Could this be done similarly to Kali Linux? Thoughts?

RE: Live boot with persistence? - HotChocolate - 10-23-2020

I've done a Kali Linux live with persistence partition, it's alright, not that great, the PITA (Pain in the A$$) part is updating it from USB. It took soooo long that I gave up updating it and just run it with what it has.

When you run a brute force attack, it runs pretty slow. If you're going to run Kali, I'd suggest a virtual machine.

But if you want to play around with a USB with persistence it definitely is doable make sure you use a 3.0 USB flash drive.