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Occasional boot - toiny - 10-18-2020


This is my first post on a forum. I am good with computers, but not with Linux.
I bought a pinebook pro this week (4 october 2020)  but i have alot of problems.
I  am on majaro but my biggest problem is booting,  it does  not boot  from a usb  stick,  it does not boot from a sd card.

99% of the time it does not boot on a emmca if not powered on 110 volt
90% of the time it does  not boot from on emmca if usbC if not plugged
never boots on a  sd card.
Never boots on  a usb stick
Never boots on a usb3/usb hard drive

I have tried to burn with etcher, many different micro sd cards, even on usb stick

I saw the pine/utube video../. my swicth for booting was ok ... so what else could i try ...