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Lid Magnet Moving tutorial (with pictures) - PineyMike - 10-15-2020

I just did the infamous lid magnet move on my Pinebook Pro, and since I couldn't find a great picture walk though of the process, I made one.

I posted it on medium right here.

RE: Lid Magnet Moving tutorial (with pictures) - KC9UDX - 11-27-2020

Thank you for this!

I was able to skip most of your instructions though.  I didn't remove the display from the main body.  I only took the two screws out of the display, popped the bezel off on the right hand side, carefully (very very very) pried the magnet off.  I attached the magnet to the display and moved it a ⅜" toward the main body, as per your instructions.  I worry about the magnet shifting if the PBP is dropped, but should that happen, it'll be easy enough to put the magnet back in place.  I might put a dab of craft glue on the edge of the magnet if I ever have to do that.

I had a slow network connection reading your site, so I didn't read about using a guitar pick until it was too late.  I used toothpicks which left little splinters all over the place.  I have a large assortment of picks.  Next time I'll use one.

Oddly I find that Debian will not recover from a lid closing.  But I normally use NetBSD, so I'll just have to keep that in mind.

Alright, here's something everyone needs to be aware of.  Not all PBPs are created equal.

I tried this on another, older, PBP.  The display is wider (or shifted further to the right?), so there's no room to stick the magnet to the side of it.  I would have to cut some plastic away to move the magnet.  This would be much more involved, and will certainly mean disassembling the display half of the casework.

I used a Green Tortex plectrum this time, which does work better than the toothpicks I was using.  However, a thinner one would likely work better.  I didn't take the time to try different ones.