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3D printed cases - pine64noob - 05-26-2016

Hi everyone, 

I am wondering if anyone has the 3d printed pine logo case. I saw this one on instagram and a white one. I really like the white one. If you have the file, could you send me the link? Thank you in advance! I am sorry if it was posted in this forum, I already tried looking for it.

RE: 3D printed cases - mFinnholm - 05-27-2016

Maybe that will work?

RE: 3D printed cases - Wulffi - 06-15-2016

(05-27-2016, 12:04 AM)mFinnholm Wrote:

Maybe that will work?

I have ordered some of that cases today!
The STL files are really good and a friend of mine is printing those cases on his 3D printer.

// Wulffi