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Keyboard: Multiple random Enter key presses - budulay - 10-04-2020

Thought I would share this in case it helps someone else.

Had a keyboard issue pop up, multiple Enter key presses would register somewhat randomly. Sometimes it would get worse after I closed and opened the lid, sometimes from just sitting a while, and sometimes as soon as the system boots up. Pressing Esc would stop it for a few moments, then it would continue. Tried multiple distros and kernel versions, did not make a difference. Updated keyboard firmware, still nothing. 
Finally, when I was looking at showkey output I noticed that the Enter key was very touchy. It only took the slightest bit of pressure to get it to register a press, and then 50 afterwards in rapid succession.
So I popped the key out, cleaned out the grit and noticed that when the actual switch was pressed, only a single crisp press was registered. Put it back together and everything is working fine.
I have an ANSI keyboard, so the enter key is long, like the shift key. I've read of people having issues with their shift keys, so maybe the longer key makes it more likely that the dirt that gets under wold interfere with the key mechanically.

Apologies for the long winded explanation, this thing drove me nuts for weeks.

Hope this helps!

RE: Keyboard: Multiple random Enter key presses - KC9UDX - 10-05-2020

Hey that's awesome! Thanks!