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Android 9.0 and Pluto on Rock64-1G - missdeenola - 09-27-2020

Hey all,
I'm currently trying to get a 1GB R64 up and running with the Rooted Android 9.0 image and things have been going pretty well, but I do have an issue I'd like to cover here before I try to make any serious changes and that issue is with the Pluto TV app.
 Let me first explain that I already have the PlutoTV app installed on a 1GB R64 with the Android 8.0 image. I installed PlutoTV onto it from the Google Play store, which I installed through the ADB, as suggested in another post on this board.

My current project is the 1G-Rock64 with the following
Image: ROCK64_dd_20190618_stock_rooted_android_9.0_emmcboot-16GB.img.gz (using Etcher to program 16GB eMMC)
Google Play Services: version 20.36.15 (080406-333172415)
Google Services Framework: Ver: 9-6475783
Google Play store Ver: 21.9.47-21[0][PR]331897675
At this point everything seems to be working well, as Play store works. I also had to figure out to unplug the keyboard and use the on screen keyboard to input the wireless password but the apps I've tried so far work. Except for Pluto.
Pluto, as loaded from the Play store gives the following error:
The installed APK is not compatible with this device. Please download a supported version from Google Play.

My question(s) are: Has anyone else had this issue with this app, on this image? Could this be an issue with the image, or that it's not the AndroidTV version? Should I load the un-rooted image (ROCK64_dd_20190617_stock_android_9.0_emmcboot-16GB.img.gz ) to correct this issue? I truly don't mind having to reload this card with another image, the question is more about saving myself a bit of time testing another image, because this one had been going well so far.


RE: Android 9.0 and Pluto on Rock64-1G - Wizzard - 03-12-2021

I think this should be moved to Rock64 forum