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Allwinner Mali Information? - KPhillisJr - 01-13-2016

I figured I would start this thread to help gather information about the 3d engine within allwinner devices. I currently know that the latest arm driver release to support the Utgard Micro-architecture is r6p0-01rel0. This driver was released around November 10, 2015. The Mali versions that have possible support for this version are as follows...
  • Mali-200
  • Mali-300
  • Mali-400 MP - This is what is in the Allwinner chips.
  • Mali-450 MP
Also, That said here is a short list of the Open source parts for this driver... Now all that is really needed would be to get the user space portions that is compatible with this driver release. I believe the driver that is included is about 4 years old ( r3p2-01rel2 ).

RE: Allwinner Mali Information? - hlide - 01-13-2016

I did some research and posted here :

I didn't give the links to download them directly as I don't know whether I can post them here.

EDIT: it seems the sources can be retrieved at their websites now unlike at the time I tried.

RE: Allwinner Mali Information? - taros - 01-14-2016

There are three solutions for the Mali GPU (by ARM Holdings, not Allwinner).

One, write a traditional accelerated graphics driver for Xorg (Xorg is used by almost all Linux distributions nowdays).

Two, make an accelerated graphics driver for Wayland and/or Mir (Unity 8).

Three, make a somewhat accelerated graphics driver for Xorg using fbturbo (

The third solution should be the easiest. I think the author of fbturbot (ssvb) is on this forum and can describe what work is missing for the Pine64.
It is good to have xf86-video-fbturbo while working on the other solutions.

The second solution requires less work than the first.