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video connector - brentashley - 09-18-2020

The Pine64 site's PineTab page specifications say that the video port is microHDMI.  Looks to me like a miniHDMI connector (I have a microHDMI cable and it does not fit).  Before I go and buy another cable and it's wrong, can someone confirm exactly what connection I should get?

RE: video connector - peperjohnny - 09-21-2020

It's a mini HDMI. However it didn't work in any of the current available OSs last time I checked.

RE: video connector - brentashley - 09-21-2020

Thanks, I'll wait a bit before trying it.

RE: video connector - brentashley - 09-28-2020

@Luke could you look into changing to show it's a miniHDMI connector?


- Brent -