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Upgrade eMMC card - boot problems - alpopa - 09-16-2020

I commanded my PBP with extra eMMC module of 128 GB and unfortunately without eMMC USB adapter to flash it. I face the problem: when initial 64 GB eMMC module is replaced by new 128 GB eMMC, the PBP does not boot from either SD or USB stick. When I place initial and bootable 64 GM eMMC back, it can boot from either SD or USB. In this situation I am unable to actually install something to brand new 128 GB eMMC.

I found the solution to this problem. In all my initial attempts I carefully followed the instruction from Wiki, where at subtitle eMMC information, we can read: "The eMMC appears to be hot-pluggable... Best practice is probably to turn the eMMC switch to off position before changing modules." So, the procedure was:
- Switch off eMMC,
- Remove eMMC module,
- Place another eMMC module,
- Switch on eMMC.

But in the following situations, the PBP does not boot (power lid remains off):
1. Bootable SD/USB is inserted, but no eMMC is present (regardless of the switch),
2. Bootable SD/USB is inserted and eMMC is present, but its switch is off,
3. Bootable SD/USB is inserted, brand new (read: not bootable) eMMC is present and its switch is on.

Then I observe that by switching off/on the eMMC something is reset in PBP, which is not reset by replacing eMMC module without switch it off/on. After the 3rd not bootable situation, I replaced eMMC module back to old bootable 64 GB one without touching the switch. This configuration normally results in booting from SD/USB device. But this time it didn't boot (the power lid is off). Somehow the PBP keeps track of not bootable eMMC and doesn't know it is already changed to bootable one.

So I use this supposition in opposite way. I install old bootable eMMC, insert bootable SD/USB stick and boot from the removable device without problems. Now I shutdown the PBP and while keeping bootable removable device, change bootable eMMC with new not bootable eMMC without touching its switch. The system believes its eMMC is still bootable, so I can power on the PBP. The system boot from SD/USB and after that I can install whatever to new eMMC, which is now bootable.

Does this situation happens only to me, or somebody faced the same problem?