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My Daily QA - 2020-09-11 - AmazingNutria - 09-11-2020

Be aware, these tests are being executed using an out-of-box testing methodology. All tests are preformed with minimal interaction/setup of devices outside of: OS imaging/updating,  SIM installation, Wifi Configuration,  and Power Cycling the devices.

Results: mobian/2020-09-11-TMobile.html

Conclusion: OS is not Ready for pinephone to be daily driver.

Notes: Random vibration happens every so often. Firefox took over 30 seconds to load this time. Audio/Video on a YouTube video play back of out of sync. That hasn't happened in a while. Phone defaulted to 3G instead of 4G. That was new. Camera is still laggy, UI drags behind (delayed touch response) Seems like we are regressing a bit on this build.

RE: My Daily QA - 2020-09-11 - bcnaz - 09-11-2020

Yeah,  a step back,  I just tried sept 11 release in PMOS 3g ram phone and was kind a disappointed,
the call out ring tone is a very occasional little beep instead of the ring it used to have.
The other phone rings for minutes before you even hear the first little beep.


I am using my older Brave Heart as a daily driver with a release from September 5 or 6,  even though it is set to auto-update it still has the almost instant ring-tone on the handset indicating that the out-going call is in progress.

RE: My Daily QA - 2020-09-11 - daniel - 09-20-2020

Multitasking is very limited. If 4 apps are opened at the same time, the phone freezes