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Manage app notifications? - DarkManiels - 09-11-2020

Does anyone know of a way to turn off notifications from individual apps? Turning them off in the phone's settings menu doesn't work, and many apps don't have settings to turn off their notifications. Geary is the main problem for me - I really don't want a notification every time a new email comes in, especially since you can't dismiss them from the notifications pane without actually opening the app. I've tried using dconf Editor but changing the two settings for Geary related to notifications doesn't seem to do anything. I also checked the config file for Geary, but it doesn't have anything about notifications.

There's probably a way to turn off notifications globally, but I DO want to get notifications for calendar events, so I don't want to go this route. Any help from someone who knows how to turn off specific app notifications would be much appreciated!