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Mouse drfting when using the trackpad - jcarty - 09-11-2020


I recently got my pinebookpro. I've had a small issue however. The mouse seems to drift a little when I use the trackpad. Is there a setting I can change to stop this?

RE: Mouse drfting when using the trackpad - ab1jx - 09-15-2020

I don't know, it just made me think of a used laptop about 15 years ago that was doing this and the fix was to replace the touchpad.  This was a Dell.  Apparently the A/D converter that converts the location you touch to numbers can develop drift.  But this was affecting where the cursor was left on the screen.

Try a program like Gimp that reports the cursor position as x,y coordinates and see if those are changing.  (Open an image file or do File->New to make a blank one) . I see the Pine Store now sells some parts, I don't remember if there's a touchpad there.  If you have access to a DrOk you might watch the power supply voltage for a few minutes, drift there might cause cursor movement.

If I'd just gotten one new that was doing this I'd try to talk support out of a new touchpad especially if the numbers were drifting.