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Brand Newbie - Spaker - 05-24-2016

Hey All. I'm Pete- in upstate NY.

I just stumbled upon the existence of Pine 64 SBC last night while watching some YouTube videos about a Raspberry Pi project I am interested in. Needless to say, after I saw Android running on the Pine in a video or two, I was sold. This has been a Holy Grail for the Raspberry Pi for a while, so far nothing has been really that great as far as results. I have been using the Pi for a few years, and am a fan- but the elusive Netflix over the Pi, and now Amazon and HBO GO, has kept it from being the "all in one" device I have wanted it to be.

I am hoping that being able to run Android on the Pine will make this device that "all in one."

I also have ended up having multiple Raspberry Pi's that were "leftover" once a new version came out, which has made me use them for all different kinds of stuff. I am big into audio projects, and build my own speakers and amplifiers, and have used my old Pi devices to be headless audio servers, controlled by phones / tablets, and have tinkered with a couple Hi-Fi audio Pi hats.

Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself and hope that once my Pine comes I can be a useful part of this community. Love what I have seen of the device and what it promises to do!

Catch you all on the flipside.


RE: Brand Newbie - Luke - 05-24-2016

Hi Pete and Welcome to the community ! Smile
Glad to have you on-board.