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My Daily QA - 2020-09-03 - AmazingNutria - 09-03-2020

Be aware, these tests are being executed using an out-of-box testing methodology. All tests are preformed with minimal interaction/setup of devices outside of: OS imaging/updating,  SIM installation, Wifi Configuration,  and Power Cycling the devices.

Results: [/url]mobian/09-03-2020-Verizon.html

[b]Conclusion: [/b]OS is not Ready for pinephone to be daily driver.

Notes: The Microphone is still really sensitive. The audio out quality is suffering. Camera still super laggy. Boot time when up to 34 seconds. The UI seems much more glitchy. Its less smooth and apps take forever to open.

RE: My Daily QA - 2020-09-03 - Helium75 - 09-03-2020

Good evening,

Thx for the summery - on o2 / E-Plus sms on 4g don’t work and the phone drops the carrier on a random base .... seems like the modem just freezes ...

RE: My Daily QA - 2020-09-03 - bcnaz - 09-03-2020

I understand you are doing "Out of the Box" testing so interaction is kept to a minimum, But I find myself going
to the settings page for 'Region & Languages' and 'time' settings anyhow.
Just curious if your results would be different if you turned down the input on the microphone, under 'sound' settings ?