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Received my PBP today—fast service, looks & feels great! - mhill8 - 08-27-2020

Greetings, Piners!  I've been intrigued by the Pinebook Pro for a few months, and I decided to take the plunge when the latest order window opened up at the start of this month.  I was glad to see from the mid-month update post that Pine64 would receive them on Aug. 24; I figured it might take a week to check them out or do whatever, and then a few weeks to receive it from Europe.  I was pleasantly surprised to get the DHL notification saying it should arrive by Aug. 31.  Imagine how I felt when it got delivered today (four days early)!  I don't know how you guys pulled that off, but I am extremely pleased!

Initial impressions are very good; it looks great when unboxing, and is deceptively light looking—it definitely feels solid, not cheap at all.  Once I got it configured and rebooted, I thought the taskbar icons looked very sharp; the resolution is definitely nice.  Loading the desktop environment was slower than I was expecting; that's because the machine looks and feels so good, I forgot it wasn't a $1000+ Intel laptop.   Smile   I like that Manjaro comes installed, because I'm a fan of Arch Linux; I've never been a KDE fan, though, so I don't feel at home in the default environment and am planning to install one or more alternatives.

So far, I'm loving the new toy!!  Thanks to the Pine64 team for such a great and inexpensive design!

Michael Hill