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Hardware acceleration using FFmpeg - gusarg81 - 08-21-2020


Currently after having this nice hardware without a use, I am setting up a survillance system and later I will develop a own IP doorbell y using additional hardware like Arducam USB UVC models (ex.

Now, I would like to know if possible to make hardware acceleration to work with FFmpeg (since I am planning to use Motioneye or Shinobi) and booth uses FFmpeg for stream rtsp cameras (which is the type cameras I have). Without it, for example, Motioneye with 3 cameras takes like 300% of CPU and thats because: is using the CPU instead.

What specially settings do I need for FFmpeg compilation? (or any particular branch/repo/fork of FFmpeg, kernel, etc).
I already compiled FFmpeg along with --enable-rkmpp and related, and hwaccels methods: vdpau vaapi drm (but seems not acceleration for this GPU)

Thanks in advance.