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How to assemble a portable ARM computer. - onizou - 08-15-2020


First of all, I apologize for my English.

I want to assemble a portable ARM computer running Manjaro Linux and would need your help as I lack the skills to identify the necessary components.

It would consist of an ARM SoC in its small box also containing an accumulator and a portable screen.

I found this screen that seems to fit:

The latter connecting via a USB-C DisplayPort, the SoC must be equipped with this function. This single connection also supplies it with its power supply and the SoC must therefore be able to supply it with the necessary electricity via this port (8W). I have spotted four ARM SoCs with, if I haven't made a mistake, and compatible with Manjaro Linux:
- The ROCKPro64 by Pine64.
- The Edge V and Captain + Edge byKhadas:
- The ROC-RK3399-PC (Renegade Elite) by Libre Computer:

Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation / wiki provided on Libre Computer's SoC, which is eliminatory given my limited knowledge.

Could you list me the components to acquire to assemble such a computer?

Thank you. Smile