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Which Linux builds enable hardware accelaration? - ACE3CGL - 07-26-2020

Hi everyone,

Just made an account here to ask this question.

I've been looking into making a Plex server on a SBC for a long-time now and I recently found the RockPro64. It seems to be the perfect entry level Plex server, but I've also been reading about a lack of dev support for this device compared to the R-Pi. I am somewhat proficient in Windows (read as "I need a GUI" or "I can double click .exe shortcuts and start wizards with the best of them!"), but I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to Linux. I haven't used Linux in years and even then I was clueless. In terms of choices for OS, there are several (, but from what I read in a year old thread, I'm going to have to use Armbian ( to enable hardware acceleration.

That can't be right, can it?

My long-term goal is to have 3 RockPros that can stream Plex. I want to continue using GDrive for file hosting, and I plan on using rClone to mount GDrive to an SSD, mount the SSD on a RockPro64, install Plex, point it to the GDrive directory. Repeat 2 more times and give myself and 2 others a nice Christmas present with personalized streaming and an easy way of refreshing content across multiple different home networks (read 30 Mbps down, shitty upload speed).

Maybe I'll make a VPN down the line and use it to remotely access my streaming setup. Maybe.


RE: Which Linux builds enable hardware accelaration? - xmixahlx - 07-26-2020

you can use the linux hwaccel patch in pbp-tools with pbp-install-linux script to build an hwaccel kernel for rockpro64, too.