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Wifi / Bluetooth Board Update - S265 - 07-19-2020

OS is Fedora 5.7.8-200.fc32.aarch64

I have been content to use Ethernet Networking since acquiring the Pine64. This works well. However I would like to use the cable for another project and wish to activate the Wifi board. I have googled and searched the docs for a way to do this in Fedora. Some help from the Pine64 IRC suggested the wifi module and firmware was needed. This is a very new kernel but despite a few posts that the firmware was to be integrated  - it does not seem to be the case. Can anyone suggest how to go about this in Fedora?

RE: Wifi / Bluetooth Board Update - S265 - 07-20-2020

Does this make sense? Still cannot activate the wlan0.

[  23.121533] r8723bs: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[  23.136917] zram0: detected capacity change from 0 to 954003456
[  23.153432] RTL8723BS: module init start
[  23.157487] RTL8723BS: rtl8723bs v4.3.5.5_12290.20140916_BTCOEX20140507-4E40
[  23.164596] RTL8723BS: rtl8723bs BT-Coex version = BTCOEX20140507-4E40
[  23.171229] RTL8723BS: module init ret =0
[  23.186287] systemd[1]: Finished Load Kernel Modules.
[  23.201287] systemd[1]: Mounting FUSE Control File System...

RE: Wifi / Bluetooth Board Update - S265 - 07-30-2020

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a driver for an rpm based distro? I can do some basic hacking, but need some direction. I can get some info from Armbian if necessary. But trying to decipher the variations in the device tree is difficult for me. A lot of the pine64 users seem to be forced to use a Debian based distro which limits us somewhat. Despite a lot of hackers moving to the PBPro and Pine Phone, the Pine64 can do more if it is exposed to a wider audience.