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Privacy switches not persistent - yawnoc - 07-16-2020

I have noticed that if I enable the privacy switches for microphone (Pine + F10) or camera (Pine + F12) and leave them for 2 weeks or so, they lose their state and revert to being disabled. Does this mean I have buggy keyboard firmware flash memory?

Also I have noticed the following:
  1. Activation/deactivation happens instantly rather than 3 seconds after pressing the required key combinations
  2. When the camera (Pine + F12) privacy switch is enabled, there is a high-pitch whining sound (not from the speakers; maybe a stray capacitance thing?)
Anyone else experience these?

This is on a Pinebook Pro ordered in Nov 2019 and delivered Jan 2020.

(Haven't yet tested the Wi-Fi privacy switch --- too scared I'll run into trouble trying to reactivate internet.)