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Did my order go through? - kacperski1 - 07-15-2020


I just bought the new batch of the PinePhone with the convergence kit.
My payment went through but on the page I was redirected to there was no shipping info nor anything else really - the site was overall working very slowly too.
I also got no confirmation e-mail except the ones from my bank and from PayPal.
I am worried my order didn't actually get through somehow, or rather got through partially, hence my question.

Thanks for any help!

RE: Did my order go through? - bcnaz - 07-15-2020

That is completely normal,  at least in my experience.

  You can email the staff, and they can give you more details if you must have them.

With the "Pre-order" system you will get a notice when the  'Carrier'  receives your item for shipment.

Depending on which carrier you chose, there could be a gap before you hear more after that.

Personally I prefer DHL,   Normally I receive their shipment about 36 hours after they receive it in Hong Kong.

Some of the other carriers take 4 weeks to 3 months to deliver.

Exclamation    OH    the site was a little slow today,    but back when Brave Heart was released it was much much slower !

Relax and check out the forum,  it will be a while before Pine64 can assemble these phones and turn them over to your carrier.


RE: Did my order go through? - Danct12 - 07-15-2020

I like how there's too many people ordering that ended up crashing the store server because of OOM.

But I guess that's the best they could upgrade their AWS server to.