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PineBook Pro Powering Down Instead of sleeping - conor.murphy99 - 07-05-2020

Hi there,
I'm very new to Linux and using a Pinebook (before this I have only used a PC with Windows 10), so I really don't know anything more than a few basic commands in the terminal for viewing files. I've just recently upgraded the eMMc module to 128gb and booted the computer with Ubuntu. I have found however an issue where the computer doesn't like to go into a suspended or sleeping mode, but instead directly powers off after a short amount of time. I've gone through the settings and haven't found anything that would fix this and I'm not exactly sure how to change something like this through the terminal (although I assume it is possible).
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

RE: PineBook Pro Powering Down Instead of sleeping - FeMike - 07-06-2020

I believe suspend doesn't work as it is not ported over unless you have one of the os's that have bsp uboot as the mainline uboot hasn't been fully worked out when ported. I'm new to Linux too and learned tons from reading through these forums, a great starting place. I too installed Ubuntu but to my sdcard. I used this thread as a guide and it may help with the suspend issue.

RE: PineBook Pro Powering Down Instead of sleeping - m4xx3d0ut - 07-07-2020

I just went down this rabbit hole.  Your most likely getting s2idle right now instead of deep suspend.  I'm running Debian Bullseye with bsp uboot and a 5.7 kernel, lost maybe 3-4% battery in suspend from yesterday afternoon to this morning.  Here is a high level explanation of what you can do to enable/test deep sleep.

First you need to grab the pbp-tools from Git (  You will also need an updated uboot (  I manually flashed uboot, there might be an easier way if you are uncomfortable using dd but there are good instructions here (  Then you use pbp-install-linux from the pbp-tools to build a new kernel and install the package it creates.  Next have a look at the 3rd post down here (  It outlines how to enable and test deep sleep.

RE: PineBook Pro Powering Down Instead of sleeping - xmixahlx - 07-07-2020

expanding on above, if you want to use pbp-tools/pbp-install-boot to write the mrfixit2001 v2.0 uboot images (which are based on bsp and are the most featureful we have right now), use DEVTARGET=device (writes to block device) or DEVTARGET=partitions (writes to partitions 1-3) and BLKDEV=<target block device> based on your installation.

you also likely need to configure /etc/systemd/{sleep,logind}.conf to actually get sleep to work if it wasn't working by default on ubuntu after installing a linux 5.7+ kernel using a reasonable linux config.