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pinetab USB speaker dock - don570 - 06-21-2020

Using Blender app I made a mockup of pinetab USB speaker dock.....

A model of a speaker dock for the Pinetab using blender. Use the files as you desire.

USB power supply (perhaps  micro USB 5 volts  2 AMPS) can supply power to speakers,
as well as recharging  the Pinetab batteries using  USB OTG port
Audio cable is connected to Pinetab headphone jack.
- Four USB ports
-magnets will hold Pinetab firmly in slot
-back panel of dock  (which holds Pinetab upright) is screwed onto main body

blender file download....

mp4 video animation


RE: pinetab USB speaker dock - n3rDy - 06-26-2020

That looks cool. Would it be 3d printable?

RE: pinetab USB speaker dock - don570don570don570 - 12-03-2020

I improved the animation.
The power cable  goes to the dock  and the pinetab itself.
The power supply would have to be rated to at least to 3 amps  5 volts
to  play sound  and charge at the same time.


RE: pinetab USB speaker dock - don570don570don570 - 12-05-2020

Here is the updated blender  file that is free  and can be modified.

[Image: pinetab-usb-dock.png]