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pip and install Jupyter lab - jcj52436999 - 06-17-2020

Synaptics installed Python pip very well, but then pip fails to install Jupyter lab.  Jupyter notebook seemingly runs well, so lab failure is a mystery?  Is there a special set of commands for our ARM machine, or is lab not ready yet please?  

I attempted to search for this topic, found no search.  

RE: pip and install Jupyter lab - JasonG-FR - 06-18-2020

I assume that you're using Debian, so there is a possibility that you aren't using python3. For some distributions `python` defaults to python2 while others to python3 and Jupyter lab only works with Python >= 3.5.

Try to run `pip --version` in a terminal and check if you can see python 3 in the output. Here is mine on Manjaro:
pip 20.0.2 from /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pip (python 3.8)

If you see python 2.7, you should try to use pip3 instead:
pip3 install --user jupyterlab

I've successfully installed Jupyter lab using pipenv (it creates virtual environments for python projects):

1. Install pipenv with `sudo apt install pipenv`.
2. Open a terminal and cd to your project folder.
3. Run `pipenv --three` to create a new python3 virtual environment for your project.
4. Run `pipenv install jupyterlab` to install jupyterlab. This can take a few minutes to complete on the PineBook Pro.
5. Run `pipenv run jupyter lab` to start Jupyter lab.

RE: pip and install Jupyter lab - jcj52436999 - 06-18-2020

Thanks. This odd processor has its differences with some software, none of these commands completed any operation on this default Debs install, and now the Jupyter notebook will not start. Some or other dependency I am sure. Would have been nice, but it is still too early to expect the PBP to run a lot of productivity software yet. Works well enough as a simple word processor though. :-) Leaving off on this problem for a while.

RE: pip and install Jupyter lab - westurner - 07-14-2020

Miniforge is a faster way to install JupyterLab on ARM64 Linux devices (because conda-forge builds (compiles packages) for ARM64 now).

Because there are very few ARM64 wheels on PyPi, when you pip install, you must compile every dependency which needs compilation.

You can download the latest miniforge from the releases page:

RE: pip and install Jupyter lab - carlosqueso - 07-17-2020

That's odd. I don't have a Debian install handy, but Jupyter Lab and Notebook both work just fine on the default Manjaro when installed with pip(not telling you what to install, just giving you a datapoint)