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Still struggling with microphone input - diodelass - 06-15-2020

I've been here since just about day one - microphone input on the Pinebook Pro is almost there, but I still can't seem to get it to give me any input from the right-side mic. The input audio stream is stereo, but it's just giving me the left-side mic stream twice.

Here is what I know:
- Yes, there are actually two microphones. I opened the device up and looked with my own eyes, and there are two of them, both of which are wired up to the mic connector on the mainboard.
- The Pinebook Pro's audio chip does have a stereo input, so the ability to process data from two microphones exists.
- I can't find anything obvious in alsamixer (e.g. "mono mix" which only seems to be an output setting) to suggest that it's configured to behave like this, but I admittedly don't have a lot of familiarity with most of the available settings, so I could have overlooked something.

Is this just a wiring fault, or is there something in software that still needs to be tweaked? I know I've seen a lot of claims that the Pinebook Pro only has one microphone, and whether or not this is actually true of most units, that might point to the board only being wired for one.

Any thoughts?