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No Pine64 board nor tracking number - n0n4m3 - 05-12-2016


Since I didn't get an email response for my last email I'm trying this forum.

I am a December kickstarter backer which backed a Pine64 at the time.
When the surveys were sent out I upgraded my Pine64 to 2gb and added a WiFi and camera modules.

According to your kickstarter updates you seem to have everything in stock (Pine64 + accessories) so my question is why haven't I received a tracking code yet?

Thank you.

RE: No Pine64 board nor tracking number - Luke - 05-12-2016

Have you been reading the most recent KS updates - regarding shipping and production from May 3rd? There they write that they are 2-3 months behind schedule.
I cannot speak on behalf of the Pine64 team, but what I can say is that I know that they are swamped with work at the moment.
I doubt that this is a consultation, but you are hardly the only one in this position - it is an inherent risk of investing in a KS campaign. Hang in there - you should have your Pine64 soon(-ish) *fingers crossed*

[edit] take a look here:

RE: No Pine64 board nor tracking number - n0n4m3 - 05-12-2016

Yes, I've been reading the updates. I know they're behind or else I would have received my board before.
I asked because I know a friend of mine that ordered some Pine64 boards which the Pine64 team acknowledge there was an error dispatching his order. So I'm wondering if they could have made more than just that one mistake.

Also, the last time I contacted the Pine64 team I was told my board would ship in the next 2-3 weeks (this was Apr 22) which means the 3 weeks are up tomorrow.

Just wanted to get an update on things.

RE: No Pine64 board nor tracking number - n0n4m3 - 05-16-2016

Just got an email with the tracking number. Thank you.

RE: No Pine64 board nor tracking number - Luke - 05-16-2016

(05-16-2016, 02:02 PM)n0n4m3 Wrote: Just got an email with the tracking number. Thank you.

Great! hope that you will have plenty of fun with the board with it arrives Smile

RE: No Pine64 board nor tracking number - scprosser - 05-16-2016

Beginning to get a little frustrated.
Communication has been pretty piss poor at best, and vague and with no direct answers, the event that I had really wanted to have the Pine for has since come and gone, but no definitive word from you when or even if, I'm going to receive my order.
Come on guys, it's not THAT much to ask, that you give straight answers, when asked direct questions.
Quite literally, we're being penalized for making you a lot more money that you originally expected. That's NOT how this should have worked.

Maybe you guys should start shipping out partial orders, and then when problem components come in, send those out to people who ordered them, because, right now, you're not doing a whole hell of a lot to inspire long term loyalty and return customers in your company.

Quite frankly, I'm now at the point where i will consider it a miracle if I ever get my product. I understand that you had way more success than you anticipated, but when you saw the numbers skyrocketting, you should have made arrangements for that, rather than waiting and delaying on hiring additional staff, and increasing production.
You had no problems taking our money as quick as you could possibly get it, how about getting our product out to us, even partially, before you become one of those stories about kickstarter successes that go belly-up because they couldn't follow through