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180 degree screen tilt mod - works for me! - mil - 06-07-2020

One thing missing from the PBP as shipped is a 180 degree screen tilt rotation. This is a great feature of Thinkpads that I immediately felt was lacking upon receiving my PBP.

Well I've recently made an unintentional but wonderful discovery. If you push the screen to the maximum point and apply some force, you can break the hinge that makes it stop at 120 degrees or whatever the original max tilt is. But it seems like the way the hinge breaks (or atleast the way the hinge broke on my PBP.. early January model), doesn't make it unstable and basically bending the PBP screen past it's normal max tilt just, unlocked if you will, 180 degree full tilt.

This was a completely unintentional discovery and I thought initially when I was pushing back on it and heard the snap, my PBP would now be useless; but to my surprise, I heard a snap, and now well my PBP has a great full 180 degree tilt. After I bent the screen back and heard the snap, I heard some loose inside the PBP - taking off the bottom cover I found two small metal bits from each of the hinge.

For me after doing this, there's no real wobble or instability as far as I can tell and the hing seems sturdy for the full 180 degrees - so I think what broke off (those metal bits are just stoppers that prevent tilting past the original tilt).

Try this at your own risk ofcourse, but for me this makes the PBP an even better Shy

 [Image: pbptilt.png]

RE: 180 degree screen tilt mod - works for me! - Paraplegic Racehorse - 06-16-2020

This is interesting. I don't have a PBP and I haven't decided if I will buy one, but this does make it attractive. I would probably use a dremel to "fix" the hinge.

Preferably, someone makes a new, compatible, hinge+touchpanel "accessory" so PBP can be made into a 2-in-1. Smile

RE: 180 degree screen tilt mod - works for me! - polrus - 08-21-2020

Could you post a photo of real 180% tilt position
I'm really interested.