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Community Wallpapers - tophneal - 12-11-2019

Naturally, there's bound to be some great wallpapers from and for the community. Per our ongoing skinning thread, I'm kicking out our 1080P wallpaper collection. Here's a WP version of the Star Trail skin art. It may see some tweaks, as a lot of the layer structure and effects didn't carry over properly when copying between the two working files.

Due to differences in monitor profiles (it appears very different on the 2 monitors at my workstation,) if anyone notices visibility issues with this image on their PBP, please let me know so I can fix it.

I'll work on converting the carbon weave skins to wallpapers as well. If anyone wants to request specific ones to start, just let me know.

[Image: FRTMnU3.jpg]

If you have a wallpaper design of your own, share it with us!

RE: Community Wallpapers - fire219 - 12-11-2019

I also have wallpapers over in the original Pinebook forumSmile

RE: Community Wallpapers - tophneal - 12-12-2019

Yes! We can't forget @fire219 's originals, thanks for adding the link to that thread! I'm sure plenty of new users coming in for the PBP won't make it into the old PB threads.

@undo , I really hope we see some of your awesome abstracts in here, too!

RE: Community Wallpapers - undo - 12-13-2019

Here's a few at 1920x1080

[Image: OY4NIdhqLHQ5YRL54tHMyH3HUdJR8elBblfays0Y.png][Image: kSJOJc57lyLQA8VIFDlWst9ldkGEmBnwOT29BBRW.png][Image: bajEFRmwZonjIWFXStCUxQ4XhatP7j8SRgl878G4.png]

RE: Community Wallpapers - tophneal - 12-13-2019

Love what you did with the circuitry in the second!

RE: Community Wallpapers - hdk - 12-13-2019

my desktop

RE: Community Wallpapers - bcnaz - 12-13-2019

Photography is excellent !
However for subject I would prefer the mature pine cone that has opened .

RE: Community Wallpapers - hdk - 12-14-2019

will do when all her secrets are didclosed

RE: Community Wallpapers - tophneal - 12-26-2019

Had more free time today, and decided to appeal to my own fandom. Modified and combined the Pine and HHGttG logos to fit together (sorta.) Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash and subject to change if I find a better image at a higher resolution. Adjustments to logo mashup, also subject to my whims.

[Image: aiRn0Tu.jpg]

RE: Community Wallpapers - nekojet - 01-14-2020

Hi all. I posted some of this in a different forum, and Luke suggested I post here. So here goes...

I took the PINE64 logo and created a pattern to use for wallpapers. Here's a kind of "template" of the pattern in a PNG file (with no background layer):

[Image: ping64-logo-pattern-480x270-96ppi-template.png]
(click here to download the full 1920x1080 96ppi file)

If you like the pattern, the "template" can be used to create variations (different background colors, foreground opacity, shadows...whatever you can think of).  Here are some variations that I created...

[Image: pine64-logo-pattern-01-480x270-96ppi.png]
(click here to download the full 1920x1080 96ppi file)

[Image: pine64-logo-pattern-02-480x270-96ppi.png]
(click here to download the full 1920x1080 96ppi file)

[Image: pine64-logo-pattern-03-480x270-96ppi.png]
(click here to download the full 1920x1080 96ppi file)

[Image: pine64-logo-pattern-04-480x270-96ppi.png]
(click here to download the full 1920x1080 96ppi file)

[Image: pine64-logo-pattern-05-480x270-96ppi.png]
(click here to download the full 1920x1080 96ppi file)