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Sticker on touchpad - fbkr - 06-03-2020


I received my pinebook yesterday and have been playing with it, excellent piece of hardware!

One question I have is what is the glossy thing on the touchpad? It looks like a sticker that can be removed but I wasn't able to remove it without forcing it and didn't want to damage it in case it's vital (a la galaxy fold Tongue). Should I remove it?


RE: Sticker on touchpad - fire219 - 06-03-2020

It's a protective film. It is intended to be removed.

RE: Sticker on touchpad - charlespine - 06-03-2020

After removing mine on the 1st day, a little sticky residue was left. I used a tissue and a tiny dab of lotion and I was able to remove it.

RE: Sticker on touchpad - pFalken - 11-10-2020

If you're wondering just HOW to get the film off the trackpad, see this post: