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No Wifi on new pinebook pro - geekyjm - 06-01-2020

I just received my new pinebook pro today. It booted up no problem. But there is no wifi? When I do ip addr in a terminal it only shows a loopback adapter no wifi adapter.

your help is appreciated.


RE: No Wifi on new pinebook pro - Arwen - 06-01-2020

It appears that some Pinebook Pros are coming from the factory with the privacy switch engaged.
See this;

RE: No Wifi on new pinebook pro - KiteX3 - 06-02-2020

My new Pinebook Pro also does not seem to be able to use Wifi; I've already tried the privacy switch and it does nothing, except it seems to turn off the bluetooth, which is working apart from the Wifi. Any ideas of why that would be? I was under the impression that both wifi and bluetooth were handled by the same AMPAK chip but perhaps I misunderstand?

Edit: It turns out the issue was largely PEBKAC. The privacy switch indicator and the privacy switch itself seem to be separate toggles; tappingĀ META+F11 causes the privacy switch indicator to blink as if you'd toggled the Wifi without actually toggling it. One needs to hold META+F11 for three seconds before it will actually cause the privacy switch to toggle.