Full Version: No sound. Need help to resolve
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Received my 2G board yesterday. Tested with Unbuntu, Arch Linux and Android, all works fine except there is no audio output from on-board audio plug. Don't know whether this a hardware flaw or a software issue. Should I send it back for RMA or there is anything I can do to fix? Please advise.
Ubuntu has a problem with out putting sound via HDMI (According to another thread)
Otherwise play with the settings. I doubt its a bad board. You might have to wait a bit for a fix.
(OS Software issue)
Long fixed. Run

bash <(curl -s

after you have installed pulseaudio.
Installed pulseaudio and ran the fix. Still no sound.

However, the Pine can play music flawlessly through a USB DAC. Therefore, there shall be a hardware issue on the on-board audio plug.
I am running the new 6.0.1 Ubuntu for LCD on 16g card, and 2g Pine. I have no sound from the headphone jack. I am trying to post my questions in the right threads.