Full Version: Google Mobile Services Certification
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I have observed that Google has given certification to Rock64 allowing Rock64 to use Google Mobile Services / Google Apps prebuilt in the OS Images.

I can say so because all Google Apps and Sign In work fine on Android Builds provided by Rock64/ayufan or even when i built the Android TV 7.1 OS from ayufan's sources.

I am making a product using the Rock64 Board with Android TV OS. Hence, I need to remove the system props which have "Rock64" label as I do not want my users to know that I am using the Rock64 Board in my product. So, I have changed the PRODUCT_MANUFACTURER, PRODUCT_BRAND, PRODUCT_DEVICE, PRODUCT_MODEL and PRODUCT_NAME in Rock64's device_rockchip_rk3328/ Makefile and successfully built and booted the OS.

But when I open Google Play Games app, it says that my device is uncertified.

How can I obtain the Google Mobile Services License for my product?
this page is the start. good luck.
(03-08-2019, 04:40 AM)dkryder Wrote: [ -> ]this page is the start. good luck.

I have already filled out that form. But i was wondering since Pine has got a license maybe they could help in this matter?