Full Version: Pine64 IP Cube camera
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Any info when this will come to sell? Just trying to figure out if it's a few months or end of year or longer? Really looking forward to it.

and is there a location to watch for updates about it, follow, or RSS?

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+1 I'll second that request. Can we get a pre-order list going for some of these?
+1 ^_^
The CUBE device already raedy for production.

The mainline Linux OS build also ready and now waiting for CSI Linux driver implementation by developers. Once CSI driver implemented, CUBE will be released.

If waiting too long for CSI driver, may consider fall back to CIF camera.

Note: CSI is the camera serial protocol for camera and CIF is parallel one.
Holler if you want beta testers. Wink
Same ^. Just broke my phone, was really hoping it would last long enough for this to release..
Any update on the ip camera cube? I'm excited to use them as security cameras around the house Smile
Still waiting also. Smile

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We have shipped out several units to developers but the MiPi CSI driver not yet implemented. I am thinking switch back to OV5640 CIF camera so that we can deploy the CUBE project.
Please let us know, I'd love to get my hands on this board.