Full Version: Looking for support
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Hi Everybody I'm a small manufacturer of musical instruments 

I have an idea to develop a new product to be centered on a SBC computer and based on the information I collected on the net, it looks like the ROCKPro64 may be a very attractive HW platform for that. 

I'm definitely not a programmer and neither would have time to start learning it... I'm writing here looking for the help of an expert for translating my ideas on an evaluation/test device as first, and possibly (and hopefully :-)) later on having a stage-ready musical instrument 

There is any expert user here willing to help me in this 'venture" ? As said above I'm a small manufacturer so my R&D budget is accordingly sized so to say, but of course, I do intend to compensate for the efforts done. Please PM me.  Indication where to find the support I need would be highly appreciated too. 

I hope this message is appropriate for the forum, If not, please accept my deep apologies and delete the it . Thanks in advance