Full Version: I2S Audio patches for Pine64+ uploaded to GitHub
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I took my work to enable audio over the I2S port and put it on github to share with everybody.  Enjoy if you want.  I started from the Armbian patches for the legacy kernel used for Ubuntu 16.04 xenial.  I only changed the DTS for the Pine64+ boards because that is what I am using.  I have a Pine64 512MB board, but haven't tried it, yet.  Enjoy:
Latest version can correctly play audio on the mikroelektronika WM8731 board. "plughw:" translation from 24_3LE to 24_LE seems to be broken on this version of Armbian. Haven't looked yet to see where the bug is. If you stick to S16_LE, S24_LE and S32_LE modes, then audio works perfectly.