Full Version: How to enable touchpad natural scrolling?
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Two-fingered scrolling is working fine, but is there a way that I can reverse the direction (natural scrolling) in KDE Neon?
I found some options in Settings but doesn't work.
And it seems KDE neon doesn't recognised touchpad too.
xinput set-prop 8 "Evdev Scrolling Distance" -1 1 1

How to discover that:
xinput list
xinput list-props 8

Edit: FWIW, the trackpad does not present its self as a trackpad to the pinebook. It presents its self as a USB mouse and keyboard (pinch zoom is actually a control key press + scroll wheel movement).
Super tip.

I am using Manjaro (Archlinux).

Property device 8 was not the mouse and I could not find property Evdev Scrolling Distance.

However, after exploring the device as described above for me this worked to reverse the mouse scrolling direction.

Quote:xinput set-prop 7 "libinput Natural Scrolling Enabled" 1